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Caz has two cousins who suffer from Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia, a very rare degenerative disease She is helping to raise funds to provide them with help to live as comfortably as possible.

The next event is a SkyDive, Caz and Sam at
Perranporth Sunday 11 September

Just Give Fund Raising page

Here's a page full of gifts received so far

The latest information


Caz King's two young cousins are suffering from a degenerative disease that is very rare. They need much help to live their daily lives and this require funds. Caz and Sam Maththews are holding an Auction at the Star on Friday 12th August and then a SkyDive on Saturday 10th September and you can help by donating items to sell at the auction and sponsoring the parachute jump.

There are links on this page to the fundraising site and much more information about the disease. Please help.

Family's page

FundRaising Page

Caz and Sam's SkyDive page

Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia

Tyler and Eryn are 2 children from the Jones family in Devon that have been diagnosed with a very rare degenerative neurological disorder called Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia. They both have Type 5a.

When Kat and Simon started their fundraising journey they knew of only 3 other people worldwide to have 5a, they have now found another 24 people making the total including their children 27. Tyler and Eryn are still only 2 of the 4 people in the UK to have this disorder.

What we trying to achieve

It is unknown at present how much more this disorder will affect them and because there are so few cases prognosis is also unknown. Team Jones are trying to raise awareness of this disorder at the same time as raising much needed funds for equipment, possible future house adaptations, which could include an accessible wet room, stair lift and making gardens more accessible and medical essentials that will help to make sure the children can live their lives to the best of their ability and comfortably.


Tyler now has his Assistance Dog, Buddy, Buddy is doing really well and his training is progressing, however with the good comes bad and sadly Tyler has recently been measured up for a wheelchair to enable his little body to cope with extended periods of time out with his family and friends and also for longer distance walks. He is beginning to tire a lot quicker and this is having a detrimental effect on the amount of falls he has.

Your generosity is very gratefully received, and as always we shall keep you updated.

From Caz King

Here we go everyone it’s happening… myself (Caz) and Sam are both doing a skydive together to help raise some much needed funds for my little cousins, Our target is £1000 by September!

To help reach our target we’ve set up a just giving page for online donations and we will also be doing other bits too, watch this space!!!

From Sam Matthews

We are holding an auction at the star inn vogue on the 12th of august, to raise money for our sky dive for this very special charity. To help Caz's little cousins .. if anyone can donate anything for the auction please give me a message, anything appreciated!!

Thankyou xxx

For the Auction

*** does anyone have any bottles (of alcohol) they would like to donate to us for the auction??? ***

We’re going to be filling up a wheelbarrow full of alcohol for the auction night on the 12th